25 March 2014

Kindergarten Picture

I love this layout of the little man. Its his fall kindergarten picture. I did this page for a challenge over at Kitchen Keepsake. The challenge was to paint/color hot glue dots. I used embossing powder on mine. It was so easy!

All I did was drop down a hot glue dot and toss some embossing powder down on top of it. For these I used a metallic one. Bronze I believe. 

You should try it out, it was easy and lots of fun!

17 March 2014

Fun Stuff Y'all!

I'm sharing a layout of my dear baby girl today. She is a handful. I have no idea how I'm going to cope with life in 10 years. Any suggestions on getting through the teen years with a drama filled child? She is definitely the opposite of her brother. He is so easy going. She has mood swings and cries at the drop of a hat. She also has the most spectacular hand gestures.

I created this page to use up some scraps. I love being able to use scraps on a page, instead of cutting up a full 12" piece of paper for a 1" strip. Especially when I can mix it with a bunch of older embellishments. I'm all about using up my supplies!

And because I love using my scraps so much, I'm starting a ScrapBuster Sketches area of my blog. Check it out up there at the top. Here is the sketch for this layout. I'm sure you will see more in the future!

Guess what?! I have some fun news! I was asked to be part of the design team over at Kitchen Keepsake. It's a forum with challenges each month and you should come by. Its a great group of scrappers, both digital and paper. Fun times!

And then... Happy St. Patrick's Day! This is an old Rusty Pickle project, but serves the purpose of the day! Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Don't forget your green and maybe you can find your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

14 March 2014

File Cabinet Refinish

Apparently I don't have enough storage. Or I don't like the storage I have. Or maybe a combination of both. My basement is dark and drab, it has 'lovely' faux wood walls from the 70's. It needs color, brightness and lots of love. So... I found this awesome file cabinet fabric storage on pinterest. Off I went for a file cabinet to refinish. And I just happened to find one for $20. Perfect! I thought I would have an entire drawer left after I put my fabric in it. You should go ahead and laugh, cause man was I wrong. 

I also forgot a before picture. It was black. Your standard office file cabinet. Use your imagination. ;)



I spray painted them. The handles are silver, the drawers are a citrus green and the cabinet is blue (I was hoping for a darker blue, but I like it). Everything was primed and then got two coats of color. I used Valspar paint, its my new favorite spray paint. I love how well it coats everything.

Here is the finished project all assembled back together. I love having all of my large pieces of fabric in one place. Before there were some on a shelf, some in plastic tubs and some just thrown on top of my table. Now they all nicely fill all three drawers of my cabinet. They are out of the dust and the cabinet is nice and bright. :)

So look how cool the fabric is. Its all neatly wrapped around hanging folders. I should organize them by color, but honestly I was just so excited to get it all in there. It makes me really happy and I know exactly where to go find what I'm looking for! 

Now I need to get sewing and use up some of these fabric pieces. After all, I need room to make room so I can get more! :)

11 March 2014

I'm a Lucky Mom

I know my kids are just like everybody else's, but I do feel like the luckiest mom in the world (most days, LOL). Of course there are some days when my kids are overbearing and aggravate me. I'm sure yours do too. Yes, I have to watch the same movie 6 bagillion times in a row. Yes, I have to do all the gross jobs. Yes, I found mold in my car where somebody had spilled milk and not told me (I was pretty angry about that one). But all of them are worth it. Yes, ALL of them!

There are so many awesome things about being a mom though, things I never would have imagined. My kids can make me laugh at the same time they make me cry. They know exactly when to walk up and give me a hug. They say "I love you" at the perfect moment (of course, there is never a bad moment to hear that).

I created this page with the Fun Zone kit from Sweet Digi Scraps. I was looking for something bright and colorful and this kit totally fit the bill! Be sure to check her kits out. She is an awesome designer and there is a cute freebie up on her facebook page right now.

I also did this with a challenge at Kitchen Keepsake in mind. The challenge is to use the word 'lucky' in your title. Head on over to the forum, new challenges will be posted in just a few days!

06 March 2014

My Silly Boy

Every time I pull out my camera the boy is seriously into making funny faces. He thinks he is hilarious, and I have to admit he's right. :)

This page was done for a challenge at Kitchen Keepsake too. It was to use four of things. So I used four different stitches, four purple eyelets, four blue eyelets, four different styles of rubons, four patterned papers and four paints.

I forgot how much I enjoy working with the paints and sprays for fun backgrounds and stuff, but unfortunately my spray bottles are all clogged. Does anybody know a good way to unclog them?!

04 March 2014


I just thought I would share a layout that I did with some one heart one mind papers I had. The kids love their felt food which my dear friend sent to them (thanks girl, you are the best). Yes, this is an old picture... it's from 2012. I was hoping to use up some of the pictures I have here on my table. 
Just to note, I ran a couple stitches on the letters, I created an M since there wasn't one left in the pack and I doodled on the paisley as well as around the pictures. 

I did this for a doodling challenge over at Kitchen Keepsake. Come on over and join us, the forum is a blast. By the way, they are currently having a design team call. :)

07 February 2014

Just Us

Today's share is a picture of the hubs and I, taken while we were on vacation in December. There are so few pictures of us, I love it.

The kit I used is You Complete Me from Sweet Digi Scraps. The colors are so cute and of course the kit has some of the best elements in it. The bundle gets you everything too! :)